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Coupla things

Time to get tickets. We open on Friday.
Second, a lovely story from Aya Hashiguchi Clark in the Westside Weekly about Blood Pudding.
Finally, my honey says she doesn’t think the title has helped ticket sales. She’s afraid that Blood Pudding will conjure visions of Rob Zombie meets the Monster from the Fountain of Blood. Of course, I’ve never written anything like that, but oh well. Maybe I should have called it Happy Fun Times with Song and Dance. Because that would sell more tickets.

Directions to Des Moines Beach Park Auditorium

Here are directions to the Beach Park Auditorium, with Kent-Des Moines Road and Pacific Highway South as a starting point. Although the address says 22030 Cliff Ave., Cliff becomes Nebo. Just keep going and you’ll come to the auditorium.


Auditions for Blood Pudding will be Monday, Sept. 16, 7-9:30 p.m. Des Moines Beach Park Auditorium, 22030 Cliff Ave., Des Moines. We need four men ages 30-60 and four women ages 20-40. Please bring a short (as in short), comic (as in funny) monologue. We will also read from the script. Rehearsals will begin Sept. 23, and generally run Monday through Thursday nights at the same facility in Des Moines. Performances will be Oct. 24 (preview), Oct. 25, 26, 27 and Nov. 1, 2 and 3.

Frank Ferrante

Had a great interview Thursday with actor Frank Ferrante. He’s famous for his outstanding show about Groucho Marx, and for his character of The Caesar (ding!) at Teatro Zin Zanni in Seattle and San Francisco. I recommend both. Mr. Ferrante is doing his Groucho show June 13-30 at ACT Theatre in Seattle; if you haven’t, go see it. Among Mr. Ferrante’s particular skills is working the crowd, at which he is very, very good.

First read-through of Blood Pudding

We had a great first read-through of the new script, Blood Pudding. Several of the company had suggested a vampire parody, so that’s what we did. The next step will be choosing a director and putting together a cast.

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